Annual fees and payment
sisr Società Italiana di Storia della Ragioneria

New members 2015: elimination of sign-up or first enrolment fee for the sum of 52 Euro, providing that admission is completed by payment of the annual quota.

  • Ordinary Members: 120 Euro.
  •  CorrespondingMembers: 60 Euro.
  • Honorary Members and Pensioners: Free of charge.

The bank account, registered in the name of the “Società Italiana di Storia della Ragioneria” (Tax Code: 93013620500), to which the draft is payable is as follows: Banca CR Firenze S.p.A. – Corso Italia 131 – 56100 Pisa (PI) – Branch 0413 Pisa 5

IBAN: IT36 J061 6014 0081 0000 0003 253

For membership requests please contact the Society directly.