President and Vice- Presidents
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President and Vice Presidents

Valerio Antonelli President

valerio-antonelli.jpg Valerio Antonelli is a Full Professor of Accounting in the University of Salerno. He had his degree in Economics and his PhD in Business Economics at the University of Pisa. His main research interests are Accounting history, Management accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting. He published some papers on international refereed journals devoted to Accounting history (AH, AHR, AHJ) and on EAR. He published also many papers and books in Italian. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Monographic series named “Quaderni monografici Rirea”and “Rirea opera prima”. He won the “AHJ Best paper award” in 2008.

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Antonella Paolini Vice President

antonella-paolini.jpg Antonella Paolini, PhD at the University of Pisa in 1989, is a full professor in Accounting and Business Administration at the University of Macerata since 2000. She was Director of Depart-ment (pre-reform Law 240/2010) and Dean of the Faculty of Economics. The research topics concern Management Control in the private and public sector (with attention to farms); Ac-counting History; Financial Analysis and Theories on corporate systems.
She is scientific committees member of the Management Control and Contabilità e Cultura azien-dale.

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Alessandro Lai Vice President

alessandro-lai.jpgAlessandro Lai is a full professor in Accounting and Business Administration at the Department of Business Administration, University of Verona since 2001, where he is responsible for the courses of Accounting and of Corporate Governance. He received a Ph.D. in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Venice in 1988. He has been researcher and assistant professor at the Catholic University of Milan (1987-1992), associate professor at the University of Milan (1992-1995) and at the University of Verona (1995-2001). His recent research focuses are on integrated reporting, corporate governance and accounting history. In the past, he focused on financial statements, business combinations, networks and cooperative agreements. He is member of the editorial boards of journals as Accounting History (Sage Publications), Financial Reporting (Franco Angeli), and of peer reviewed series as Accounting and Business Studies, Determinazione e creazione del valore nelle aziende, Rirea Historica, etc. He is a reviewer for journals and series. He is chairman of the “Moral Sciences Section” of the National Virgilian Academy.

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